The Game

Frameshift™ is a multiplayer open world survival game set in a post apocalyptic sci-fi world. You'll survive the elements, battle genetically engineered mutants using weapons and technology, enhance yourself with cybernetics, build underground bunkers, and much much more. Inspired by games like DayZ and Ultima Online, Frameshift will be full of great content and innovative features, and be an awesome sandbox experience where you can be whoever you want to be.

Story Summary

Framefuel changed the world, and then destroyed it. It happened in a way we never could have predicted.
— Jennifer McCan, VP of AI, Frameshift Technologies; Survivor

In the near future, a large company called Frameshift Technologies bioengineers a life form whose blood can be used as a power source. It is many times more efficient than any existing power source, and within five years ninety-nine percent of households run on Framefuel, the branded biofuel created by Frameshift. In-home power cells, branded Framecells, contain live genetically engineered life forms, their blood continuously harvested to provide power to the home.

Through a series of mistakes, the engineered Framecell organism is mutated to create powerful, genetically engineered mutant life forms that destroy ninety-nine percent of human life on earth, causing the end of mankind as we know it. The survivors, now at the bottom of the food chain, must band together to fight against this unstoppable new force.

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The Team

The game is being developed by Penryn Games, a small company with Frameshift as our only project. When we saw the success of games like DayZ and Rust, we realized that there is actually an audience for the type of game we have wanted to make for a long time. It was an opportunity we couldn't pass up, and so the team was born.

Penryn Games is:
Nick Owens, Designer & Programmer
Mark Amiot, Designer & Programmer
Paul Bargerstock, Designer & Programmer

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Development Status

The game is currently in Alpha. Check out our Roadmap for more info. Interested in helping out? Sign up to be an alpha tester!

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