Frameshift will have a strong core experience of survival against the elements, battle versus mutants, and cybernetic augmentation. We also strive to have a number of secondary features to give you the freedom to live how you want in the world. Frameshift is a game where you can be who you want, whether you follow the path of a battle-hardened cyborg or live out your life as a chef, mechanic, field medic, surgeon, hacker, treasure hunter, taxi, train conductor, realtor, and more.


The mutant predators in the world are bred by an out of control artificial intelligence that dwells in the data centers of Frameshift Technologies headquarters. It connects wirelessly to in-home Framecells, directing them to incubate these aggressive life forms in every home, business, and industrial facility across the world.
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Mutants are genetically engineered and cybernetically augmented to be powerful predators, specifically designed to kill or maim their human prey.


A Lurker attacks a knife-wielding survivor. His buddy has already been latched onto, head severance imminent.

A small but powerful mutant that appears to be based on DNA from scorpion, grasshopper, and some type of invertebrate that envelops its prey with large jaws. Mostly found in residential areas, patrolling in or around suburban homes. Cybernetic augmentations include:

  • Powerful front legs for enhanced leaping.

  • Augmented tail for powerful stabbing ability.

  • Enhanced vision.

  • Wireless capability to relay information and receive commands from the Frameshift A.I.


A stalker zeroes in on his next target while two other members of his pride finish off a lone survivor.

A large cat-like predator mutant. Survivors believe DNA from a puma or other similar big cat was used to create this creature. Resides mostly in commercial areas, with the Frameshift A.I. directing it to patrol and protect resources in strip malls, gas stations, and similar areas.



Augmentations include:

  • Integrated endoskeleton, powered with a combination of organic and synthetic muscle, providing immense strength.

  • Extremely tough, fabricated teeth and claws to enhance ability to dismember or kill a human target.

  • Wireless capability to relay information and receive commands from the Frameshift A.I.


Observers are seen patrolling a city while one "removes" an unfortunate soul.

A rather large flying insect-like mutant. It appears to be engineered from the DNA of wasps, praying mantises, and possibly other unknown insects. Patrols quickly throughout cities, relaying intelligence wirelessly back to the Frameshift A.I. It appears to be large and strong enough to pick up an adult human with its forelegs, but not much is known about its behavior.


More than twice the size of an average man, this mutant is incredibly strong and extremely deadly.  In combat, its razor sharp extendable arm blades are used to quickly dismember and disembowel large swaths of enemies. Ten and Twenty-man groups have been observed falling by the hands (and blades) of this creature. Guardians watch over high-value Frameshift facilities, such as Frameshift HQ and various outposts. Survivors have yet to devise a tactic to take them down, but have been observed using stealth to avoid them.

The Frameshift A.I. is constantly refining its genetic engineering techniques, and survivors can expect more mutant types in the future...


An unprepared survivor struggles with a Lurker.

Inexperienced survivors will fight with makeshift melee weapons, but as they progress they will be able to upgrade to more powerful and durable ones. A deep primary/offhand weapon system allows for a large number of choices and cool combos. Discover and master the Framefuel you scavenge to create powerful weapons and traps.

The detailed damage system allows for various damage types to be applied to individual body parts, causing limb dismemberment and other equally gory outcomes.

Dedicate yourself to mastery of Technology to wirelessly attack the cybernetic mutants, intercepting commands Frameshift A.I. and injecting your own to take control of the creatures.

Cooperate with fellow survivors to fight larger, more aggressive mutants, each using your chosen skillsets to bring weapons, technology, engineering, or medical experience to the field.


A full cybernetic exoskeleton created by Frameshift Technologies for military application.

Frameshift Cybernetics, a division of Frameshift Corporation, had created many cybernetic devices to augment human function. Aural and Ocular implants were used to convey information directly into the user’s senses. These were used in everyday life before the apocalypse, replacing smart phones and other hand-held devices. Exoskeletons and other implants or augmentations that enhanced people physically were also used, mostly for military application. After the fall of the human race, methods for installing cybernetics were all but lost. As such, in the post apocalyptic world, you must hack together scavenged parts to obtain the benefits of cybernetic augmentation.

  • Scavenge and repair technology found in the world to create cybernetic augmentations for yourself and your friends.

  • Perform amateur surgery on fellow survivors to install cybernetics. Enhance movement, strength, vision, hearing, and endurance.

  • Once you are augmented with an Ocular Implant, you have access to a vision overlay to provide more data about the world and your surroundings.

  • Salvage data from systems you encounter when scavenging and from bodies of victims who were augmented pre-apocalypse. You’ll find GPS coordinates of valuable stashes, applications to further enhance yourself, schematics for technology, and more.

Open World

Two survivors prepare for an excursion into the wilderness.

The world of frameshift is a gigantic 528km², with tons of variety. Stay off the grid and survive like a bearded wild man in the wilderness, creating meals from plants you gather to barter with other players or keep for yourself. Or venture into cities to battle mutants and scavenge for food, water, and technology to advance yourself and your weapons.

Prepare yourself with proper clothing and supplies for extreme weather conditions. Some of the best loot can be found in military facilities that are situated in boiling hot desert or extremely frigid mountain areas.

Repair vehicles such as bicycles, cars, dune buggies, and dirtbikes to help you travel more quickly across the world.


Your progression and specialization is determined by what you choose to learn. Find books and other literature in the world to gain knowledge, and use that to learn new talents.

Biomedics are adept at traditional medicine and advanced techniques including cybernetics installation and biology altering nanotechnology. They are resilient in combat and skilled healers.

With mastery of electronic devices, Tacticians fight the Frameshift AI in the virtual world. Hacking into cybernetic mutants and altering their behavior, they do battle from afar.

Renegades are the ultimate road warriors, possessing the knowhow to not only get you to your destination in a hurry, but to bludgeon to death whatever you find when you arrive.

Mercenaries harness the power of Frameshift cybernetics to become powerful resistance fighters. They fight fire with fire, augmenting themselves to become physical equals to their mutant enemies.

  • Preferring to avoid the mutant apocalypse altogether, Survivalists live off the land and can thrive in the harshest climates. Live as a loner or act as a guide for players travelling to dangerous locales.

  • Choose any combination of talents from the five classes to create a completely unique character.

  • There is no level system in Frameshift.

  • Physical power and endurance enhancements come from cybernetic augmentations and implants.

  • Find schematics and other literature to gain knowledge and enhance your ability to build and repair items.


Each player who joins the game is assigned a family name, and given a relationship to other players who already exist. You might come in as someone’s mother, father, brother, or sister. Your family members may have items that are useful when combined with your own, so you can attempt to seek them out, or go it alone.


Someone built a bunker.

Extensive housing can be built underground by drilling into the earth with a special rig. It is very resource intensive, but players can create large underground complexes where they are safe from mutants. Your bunker can be kept secret and secure. Only a small hatch on the surface of the ground indicates the location of your bunker, the rest of the structure is hidden underground.

  • Lock your access hatch and secure it with a keycode, or cover it with branches and leaves for further camouflage. Alternately, you can post a flag and make your bunker public to attract visitors who you might team up or barter with.

  • Set up a public area of your bunker to offer goods for trade while you are away, or just a place for weary travelers to rest. Broadcast your GPS location to attract more customers and friends.

Even more exciting features are planned for the future. Stay tuned to our devblog for more information.