State of Frameshift

Behold the beauty of my camouflage outfit! 


For the first blog post I thought I'd talk about the current state of Frameshift Alpha, and where we are planning to go from here.

So far we've completed:

  • Multiplayer
  • Player inventory and looting systems
  • Seamless open world - 576km²!! Populated with beautiful terrain that is based on real world data. I'll talk more about this in another post, it's very cool!
  • Basic Towns - There are many locations in the game with a bunch of enterable buildings where you can scavenge for loot.
  • Basic mutant behavior and navigation (AI)
  • Basic melee combat system - Primary and off-hand weapons.
  • Player damage system - Limb and bodypart damage and destruction.
  • Crafting system - An innovative system, hopefully more exciting than standard crafting in survival games. I'll go into more detail in a later devblog.
  • Cooking recipe system - Learn recipes and cook dishes that are more beneficial than their base ingredients.
  • Status Effect system - A complex system of player vitals such as blood, energy, bodyfat, hydration, satiation, temperature, etc. and the many effects varying amounts of these vitals can have on your well-being.
  • Clothing system - The player is able to wear lots of different pieces of clothing. They can also get dirty or be destroyed. Clothing destruction is also body part specific, so if you get attacked in the arm, your sleeve will rip off.
  • Environmental Temperature system - Ambient temperature changes based on time of day, season, and biome: desert, coast, low fields, mountains, or high sierra. Heat sources like campfires raise ambient temperature inside a small radius.
  • Basic vehicle system - Ability to get in a truck and drive it around. Still more to do here.
  • Basic Cybernetic Augmentation system - Perform surgery on another player to install cybernetics. Depending on the configuration of the installation, different capabilities are enabled.
  • Ocular Implant Augmentation basic functionality - Get an ocular implant in your eye for an enhanced view of the world. Find add-on "apps" for your implant to enable various functionality. Copy software from other systems to your own via an overlay interface.
  • Native Plants system - find edible, poisonous, and medicinal plants around the world to use in various ways. Plants grow based on season and biome.
  • Shelter system - take cover in a tent, indoors, or under a rock to reduce the effects of extreme heat or cold.
  • A bunch of other smaller features...

Still to do before closed beta:

  • Better mutant behavior and visuals.
  • Bunkers.
  • Vehicle damage and repair, upgrade to new physics system.
  • World performance optimizations.
  • Family system.
  • Part fabrication system.
  • Basic UI for main menu, options, connect, etc.
  • TONS and TONS and TONS of content - more recipes, loot, applications, augmentations, buildings, clothing, weapons, tools, vehicles etc. Basically everything in the world, we need MORE of it. This is an ongoing process. The good news is, once all the systems are in for these items, it is just a matter of making cool items for each system.
  • A bunch of small feature improvements and usability fixes.

And ongoing/after closed beta:

  • Lots of polish and balancing.
  • Back-end stuff like build servers, version checking, server and client stress testing, monitoring.
  • Implementing feedback.
  • Other cool features that I don't want to mention yet because they may never get implemented. Mostly content and features that will be geared toward the end-game.